April 21, 2020



An open letter to my future son and daughter about waiting, discovering self-worth and finding your purpose

Dear Dominic and Danica,

Madami akong gustong sabihin sa inyo because I want to protect you on how you will live your younger years.

I have seen many lives that are in so much struggle today. Most of them aren’t aware that what they have sown in the past is what they will reap in the future.

They believe numerous lies like “Enjoy your life when you are young.”, “Do what makes you happy.” or “Skies the limit because you only live once.” without knowing that not all decisions that will make them happy in their youthful days can give a good impact or benefit.

Karamihan sa mga bagay na ginagawa nila ay mayroong negative consequences pagdating ng araw.

Why I’m telling you these?

Well,because at your young age you feel invincible.

You feel that you have so much time to do everything you want. You aren’t also sensitive that what you do today matters on your tomorrow.

Indeed, that’s normal for young people like you but it’s my job to guide you.

Alam kong hindi madaling magkaroon ng isang tatay kagaya ko na youth leader sa church. You may think that I’m so hard to keep you away from the things you think you need. Maybe, you will not understand some of the decisions I’ve made but someday you will. It’s my job to protect you from some of the unnecessary pain you may feel from your poor choices.

I’ve witnessed many stories and heard several testimonies of individuals who are currently struggling in their lives. Some of them commit suicide because they did not understand the value of waiting, their self-worth and their purpose.

As a youth servant leader, madalas kong naririnig na sana nalaman nila ito nang mas maaga pa o sana may nakapagbahagi sa kanila nitong impormasyon nung kabataan pa nila bago sila humantong sa mga desisyon na di na nila mababawi. Dahil sa mga reality na ito, I want to pass on this key to the next generation like you.

The key is “Christ”.

As I look back to my story, I have failed multiple times in high school. I took my secondary education for 7 years without the K-12 Program. I was kicked out in college during the 2nd semester of my first year.

I was addicted to drugs, mobile gaming, pornography and drinking alcohol. I thought I had no hope and a bright future but thanks to Jesus Christ who changed my life forever.

Instead of possibly ending my life in jail or maybe encountering death in an early age, I am living a happy life together with my wife.

God blessed me a homebased work in which I have a flexible time and schedule that I can use my free time ministering to the youth like you.

Together with my wife, He used and sent me through many campuses here in our area to share and minister to students about His great love.

If our Lord didn’t seek and change me, I don’t know what will happen to my life.

Now, I want you to remember these 3 things:

1. Waiting is A Good Thing – Ngayon, nakapahirap na yatang maghintay ng mga kabataan dahil marami ng instant sa buhay. Sa kabila ng mga instant coffee, instant noodles, fast food at ibang dulot ng technology na mabilis, mas pinipili ng mga tao ang pangmadalian kahit mas gusto naman nila ang pangmatagalan. The truth is, the best things in life come after the process of waiting. As we practice patience, there is more to it than settling to hurry.

"The best is yet to come."

2. Valuing Self-Worth – Maraming kabataan na di alam ang kanilang identity at kahalagahan. I want you to remember that you are loved, you are precious, and you are fearfully and wonderfully made. People can down you with what you look like, you have, or you had achieved but you are complete because God created you. Life is not about others’
perceptions but our Maker’s love for you are His masterpiece.

3 Finding Your Purpose – Our generation today also struggles regarding their existence and mission for it. Kadalasan nilang mga tinatanong, “Bakit ba ako nabubuhay?” at “Ano ba ang misyon ko sa mundong ito?”. Dahil di makita ng mga kabataan ang sagot ng mga ito sa mundo, some of them end their lives with their own. The answer to these questions can only be found in Christ who has the blueprint of every person. We have life because God has blessed us to fulfill a mission to follow His great plans in us. Our true success depends on what we do and what we be which our Creator desires for you and me.

Lastly, I want you to know that I’m beyond blessed that you were born. You were both a gift from God that no amount of treasure in this world can replace. Kayong mga anak ko ay kumpleto sa Kanya.

Daddy is not perfect. Maraming akong nagawang pagkakamali na ayaw kong danasin niyo pa. I struggled so much that’s why I want you to have a glorious future with our Lord.

For those who are reading this, we are a movement that helps a thousand of youth and students in their journey to have their lives empowered through leadership, values and excellence.

Especially in their darkest moments, you are never alone. We are here to help you.

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